As a transport scheduler, you organise the transport of goods, and your tasks are proper distribution and control over shipments. You take care of proper shipment insurance, give instructions and coordinate the work of customs declarants. You confirm and certify suppliers' invoices. If necessary, you fill in the customs documentation, cooperate with the client regarding the service ordered and conduct commercial operational interviews. Through your work, you ensure that the agreed service, the organisation of transport is fully completed.

Based on the tasks set by the transport office, you take over and analyse various information and technical documentation for the organisation of transport and transportation, organise and manage the takeover process in logistics, organise and manage the shipping and supply process in logistics, organise and manage the storage process and storage systems management, organise and manage external transport, perform and manage returns of goods and manage complaints, organise and manage finishing processes and services in logistics, and organise and manage return logistics and comply with environmental standards.


Disponent certifikat




Planning, organising and controlling the work quality of the company’s transport office in the road freight operations

Fleet management and management of the work of drivers and subcontractors in accordance with the company's objectives

Gaining the transport service and its execution, including the calculation of transport costs and the economic price of the transport service

What do I gain?

By participating in the training, you learn about the work processes, tasks and jobs performed by the transport scheduler at the transport office. You gain new knowledge in the field of communication in the transport office, legislation and customs procedures. You learn how the entire implementation of the transport process takes place and learn to use information and communication equipment in the transport office.

Upon completion of the training, the participant obtains a professional qualification certificate as a transport scheduler. The certificate is issued in Slovenian and English. It is a reference document whereby the holder demonstrates to the employer the competence to carry out works within the framework of professional qualifications, while allowing visibility and mobility in the labour market.



The entire training takes 32 school hours and 6 days. The first five meetings are intended for training, and the final, sixth meeting is intended for the exam. The lecturers will give you both theoretical basics as well as practical examples and share with you the advice they have gained during many years of working in the field of logistics.

Who is the training intended for?

The training is intended for everyone who is interested in logistics and work in the transport office and warehouse.  By developing and acquiring new skills, you can increase your employment opportunities or improve efficiency in your current job.


The participant shall obtain the TRANSPORT SCHEDULER professional qualification certificate upon completion. The certificate is awarded by the B&B izobraževanje in usposabljanje d.o.o. and the Association for Development of Knowledge Slovenia in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. The certificate of professional qualification is a reference document with the help of which the holder demonstrates to the employer the competence to carry out works within the framework of professional qualifications, and at the same time the certificate also provides visibility and mobility in the labour market. The certificate is issued in Slovenian and English and states the professional competences demonstrated by the holder in the ongoing verification procedure. The certificates are valid for 5 years from the issue date. After this time, the candidate renews the certificate with evidence that he/she works professionally in the field of logistics management and by participating in trainings in the field of logistics management (at least 20 hours in the last five years).


The condition for participating in training is completed secondary general, resp. secondary professional education or secondary vocational education, and at least five years of work experience in the field of transport scheduling in the transport office.

The cost of training, exam and certification is 720.00 EUR (including VAT). We offer the possibility to pay in one lump sum or payments by instalment.