1. First aid course

The first aid test must be passed by everyone before applying for the theoretical exam, except when taking the exam for categories AM and F. Apply at the nearest competent Red Cross organisation.

The validity of the first aid exam for motor vehicle drivers is unlimited.

2. Medical certificate

All future motor vehicle candidates must obtain a medical certificate. You can take it at any practice of occupational, traffic and sports medicine. The validity of the medical certificate is 3 years, unless the doctor decides otherwise.

3. Road traffic regulations course

The road traffic regulations course takes place in the premises of the B&B driving school. In modernly equipped air-conditioned multimedia classrooms, professionally trained, experienced and friendly lecturers acquaint you with traffic regulations, traffic ethics and driving culture. The scope of the course is 20 school hours. The road traffic regulations course is valid for 3 years.

4. Theory exam before the exam commission

Applying for the theory exam at the administrative unit follows. To apply, you need a driving record card, a medical certificate, a first aid card and an ID document. The road traffic regulations exam is carried out electronically. The price of the exam upon applying is settled at the administrative unit together with the administrative fee.

5. Practical training

Once you have passed the theory exam, you can choose a driving teacher and start practical training. At every hour of teaching, you must have a driving record card with you, a valid medical certificate and an ID document. You must complete 20 hours of practical training in order to obtain a driving licence. The school hour of practical training is prescribed by law and lasts for 50 minutes.

6. Practical driving exam before exam commission

The final step awaits you – the test drive. You can apply for the test drive when you have completed the prescribed age and have completed a practical training programme of 20 hours. Please arrange the application at the administrative unit, where you will receive the date and the time of the exam. To apply, you need a driving record card, a medical certificate and an ID document. You pay for the exam upon applying. Your task is to make no mistakes on your test drive.

Do not forget!

After a successfully passed driving test, you get the status of a beginner driver. A beginner driver is anyone who has passed a driving test after 13 August 2010 and obtained a category A2, A and B driving licence. This means that, as a beginner driver, you must complete an additional training programme for beginner drivers at least four months after the issue of the driving licence, until completed 21 years of age or 2 years from obtaining the driving licence for the first time.

Author: Ela Vidmar

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