Code 95


The occupation of the driver is the second most sought-after profession in Slovenia. A truck driver or bus driver takes on more responsibility in his or her work than anyone else would imagine.

In transport, the driver keeps chasing minutes, kilometres, or both at the same time. The professional driver demonstrates his/her professional competence by completing a basic qualification – code 95.

To become a professional driver, one must first obtain a C and E or D category driving licence.

The new legislation in the field of road transport stipulates that all young drivers must obtain a basic qualification – code 95, which is obtained on the basis of a theoretical and practical test carried out before the state commission. Upon successful completion of the test for the acquisition of the basic qualification, one obtains code 95 entered in the driving licence with a validity of 5 years.

Code 95 is extended on the basis of regular training sessions of 35 hours, 7 hours every year.





The basic qualification (code 95) for road drivers replaces the National Vocational Qualification programme now abolished for drivers conducting public passenger services as of 10 September 2008 and 10 September 2009 for the drivers carrying out public transport of goods with vehicles over 3,500kg.


Core qualification – code 95 is recognised if:

  • You have obtained the national vocational qualification (NVQ) of the road traffic driver before 10 September 2008 for bus drivers and before 10 September 2009 for drivers of C and E category (proved by the NVQ driver certificate)
  • You are enrolled in the register of drivers at the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia or the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia before 29 December 2006 (proven by the certificate of one of the chambers mentioned)
  • You performed the work of the driver on 3 August 2001, but were not entered in the records of the chamber (proven by the employer's confirmation document)
  • You have completed the relevant secondary vocational education and obtained the profession of the driver as of 29 December 2006 (proven by the relevant certificate)

Exemptions from the obligation to obtain basic qualification:

  • Drivers of vehicles with a maximum permissible speed not exceeding 45km/h
  • Drivers of vehicles used by the Slovenian Armed Forces, police, civil protection or fire fighters
  • Drivers of vehicles intended for test driving with the aim of technical improvements, repair or maintenance of new or renewed vehicles not yet put into service
  • Drivers of vehicles used in emergency situations or intended for rescue operations
  • Drivers of vehicles used for driving lessons for persons wishing to obtain a driver’s license or a certificate of qualifications and regular training
  • Drivers of vehicles carrying material and equipment used by the driver in his/her work if the driving of that vehicle is not the driver’s basic activity
  • Drivers of vehicles used for their own and personal needs
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