The strategy of the B&B educational organisation is focused on quality and continuous improvement, development of new programs, projects, care for the satisfaction and professional development of employees, so we are constantly striving for improvement.

We believe that it is especially important to deepen knowledge as a combination of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and technical sciences.

This is why our events are designed interdisciplinary.

We actively connect and cooperate with the environment –- both local and international.

We encourage innovation and practical orientation.

You are welcome to join us on our journey.



Professional meetings and conferences

2023 - Sustainable Development Challenges (International Conference)

2022 - Sustainable Development Challenges (International Conference)

2022 - The Future of Community Self-Supply of Electricity (Expert Consultation)

2021 - Sustainable Development Challenges (International Expert Conference)

2021- Hydrogen - the fuel of the future (conference)

2021 - Transition to a carbon-free society (expert consultation)

2019 - Sustainable Development Challenges (international expert conference)

2018 - Human Resources Challenges and Smart Technologies in Transport and Logistics (Expert Conference)

Erasmus and the coronavirus