Create a stepping stone to build a rich professional career – focus on the business field and become a marketing or accounting specialist.

Get a job in the industry of always sought-after professions: in the field of finance and business services, commerce, marketing, sales and analytics.

Get the knowledge and skills to perform in new professions that are just being formed in the labour market: key account manager, investment banker; or create a completely new one.

Acquired knowledge

Graduates of economics know how to:

Prepare company development strategies

✔ Study business risks

Communicate in business

Analyse, organise and plan various work in the fields of banking, finance, accounting and sales

✔ Use general and specific skills in the fields of sales, accounting, banking, real estate, insurance, business logistics and postal transport



The programme is designed according to the combined study model, which is a perfect combination of classical and e-study, intertwining the contact with the lecturer, exchange of opinions with study colleagues, kindness, assistance of school counselling staff and distance studies.

The lectures are enriched with modern methods and focused on solving current issues. To additionally upgrade the knowledge and transfer theory into practice, we organise study excursions. We encourage the integration of theory into practical knowledge and innovation leading to progress.

The study is based on combining knowledge with practical work. We also recognise relevant work experience as a successfully completed internship. The programme is completed with the defence of the diploma thesis.

Nina Lanjšček

Nina Lanjšček

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Barbara Zakotnik-Dokl

Barbara Zakotnik-Dokl

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Economists are an indispensable part of any successful company. The graduates work in small, large, public or private companies and public institutions and organisations.

They have an opportunity to work with both people and data.

By specialising skills in the educational programme, they attain a sought-after education and become interesting personnel on the labour market.