Economic technician


Economy is a versatile area, embedded in every moment of our private and professional life.

By participating in the programme, participants acquire general and fundamental economic and business knowledge and learn analytical thinking. They develop organisational skills; team building skills and strengthen the entrepreneurial mindset.

Economic technicians know their way around in the business world, in the field of finance and accounting, in various positions in the state administration, in small and large companies or as a sole entrepreneur.


After completing the education, the graduates know how to:

  • Manage stores
  • Develop one's own entrepreneurship
  • Plan and implement projects
  • Work in a team
  • Respect business code
  • Respect the rules of written and oral communication
  • Establish contact with others



The education is based on an adapted curriculum which enables studying while working for adults. The lectures take place three times a week in the afternoon and on Saturday morning. The educational programme lasts for two or three years and is completed with a vocational matura examination.



Nina Lanjšček
Barbara Zakotnik-Dokl


The acquired education enables employment in:

  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Public administration
  • Administrative and admission offices
  • Production and service companies
  • Postal services and tourism