We build educational programmes on quality.

We show systematic care for the quality of our services in adult education.

Since the beginning of our operations, we strive for quality relations between employees, lecturers, students, management, school administration, employers and all stakeholders, both internal and external. We determine satisfaction with studies and acquired competencies, conduct surveys among students, employees, employers and other stakeholders, and obtain feedback from lecturers and companies where our students do their internships, are employed or are preparing a diploma thesis. We also obtain information from the environment if we as a school are fulfilling our mission in the local, national and international environment.

The B&B school is a quality educational organisation – we are much more than just a knowledge provider. Besides the organisation and execution of education, we constantly offer support to the participants of the process in order for them to reintegrate into education, successfully overcome possible learning barriers, understand and know how to use various methods of education. Like participants with different previous knowledge, the teachers of adult participants also come from different professional fields and have different pedagogical experience.

It is important for us to define and measure the effects of education so that we can inform all participants in the education system what the effects will be after education is completed. B&B has researched the educational activities of adult participants, which are crucial for upgrading their skills.

In April 2019, we received the right to use the Green Quality Label, which means that we show systematic care for the quality of our services in adult education.

In 2017, we trained our quality consultant with the aim of developing the internal quality system even more comprehensively. Our quality consultant plans the quality of the entire organisation in an organised way. The consultant advises, coordinates and participates in the processes of implementation and upgrade of the internal quality system, places the activities of defining, assessing and developing quality in the documents of the educational organization, prepares and conducts meetings on quality, provides assistance, advice and trains all stakeholders.

It is essential that we rethink and plan all key quality processes over and over again.