I have always associated the word Erasmus with travel, studying abroad, new environment and new friendships, but I also feel a little bittersweet about it. When I was a student, one of my wishes was to go on an exchange, but I was not determined enough within me. The study years were passing by and I was not fully aware until they were over. Along with Erasmus mobility. I accepted this fact with a bit of sadness. I was offered a full-time job after graduating and got a lot of other obligations. However, the desire was still there. And where there is desire, sooner or later there is a way. Almost ten years after completing my studies, my current job at B&B offered me a second chance to get involved in mobility. Of course, in a slightly different form, but nevertheless, I could not miss the opportunity.

About three years ago, school management took measures to modernise the study process. One of the key directions was the internationalisation of the studies, in order to follow new trends in the field of education. I took over the management of the project as a great personal challenge. Together with our management, we have prepared a strategy and first set the goal of obtaining the Erasmus Charter. We have succeeded in the tender, and I am very proud of that. This is when the serious work has only just begun for me.

I have always loved to travel and meet new people, but making business connections with foreign partners is a completely different experience. I therefore wanted the first mobility to be aimed at gaining new skills. I was selected on the basis of an internal tender and went to language training abroad. Besides the progress made in the language field, mobility gave me a sense of working in an international environment. Today, with a slightly wider picture before my eyes, I can confirm that the first mobility had a remarkable effect on my personality. I surpassed certain internal barriers I wasn’t aware I had.

My further activities were focused on finding partner institutions to sign a cooperation agreement. I saw the participation in the Staff Week as a networking opportunity, which took place under the auspices of the Corvinus University of Budapest. The purpose of the event was to exchange good practices in the field of international cooperation. Simultaneously, training on “intercultural awareness and sensitivity” was held. There were 24 participants from the EU and Turkey. Before going to the Staff Week, I set a clear goal for myself to get at least one potential partner to sign an inter-institutional cooperation agreement as an institution.

I was extremely satisfied with the final outcome of the mobility. I confidently carried out a presentation of the school and had a self-confident conversation with all potential partners. I exchanged business cards with most participants and contacted them later. The Higher Education Institution of Sustainable Development and the Turkish Harran University signed an inter-institutional cooperation agreement. This agreement forms the basis for the exchange of students and lecturers.

I have made great career progress in two years thanks to the help of Erasmus mobility. I have gained international experience that affects my personal development. I believe and know that the knowledge and persistence will bring even better results in my field of work, which is also the basic objective of all mobilities. There are many challenges, but they delight me very much and motivate me. Besides improving ourselves, we are working to build better conditions for students, which affects the quality of the studies. 

Erasmus mobility is an experience that touches and changes a person. I strongly recommend it to all, especially students. Take advantage of a given opportunity within the B&B Vocational college and College for Sustainable Development. I invite you to read the tender and submit your application form. I will invite you to an interview and introduce you to the process of mobility.

And finally, do not forget to let go of the things in life which you give up yourself. What is more, do not give up on things for fear of the unknown.

Just do IT. :)

Author: Klemen Sušnik

Tags: College Erasmus Erasmus exchange Higher education Staff mobility
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