Driving Licence for Car


This category includes passenger and commercial vehicles with a maximal admissible mass of a maximum of 3500kg and no more than 9 seats. The required age for taking a driving test of this category is 18 years.

The category B driving license also includes a license to drive vehicles of categories AM, G and F (the condition is to have passed the exam in safe work with a tractor and tractor attachments) and quadricycles.

If you decide to drive with an accompanying person, you start training at the age of 16 and train with an accompanying person for 2 years, and then pass the practical part of the driving test.

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  • ​20-hour course of road traffic regulations at the driving school
  • Theory exam at the examination centre
  • Driver training at the driving school
  • ​A driving exam at the examination centre


  • Required age – 17.5 years of age
  • Acquired medical certificate (at the practice of occupational, traffic and sports medicine)
  • First aid exam (at the Red Cross)